Different Types of Cargo Insurance

Whether you plan to transfer goods and shipping through a truck or boat, it is essential to have these items insured. That will help minimize losses incurred due to shipping damage. There may be some people who think that having their property insured is not necessary, but it is crucial; In addition to providing financial security, it also gives you the peace of mind you need.

If you have already decided to take out transport insurance (Personforsikring), it is essential that you know which one will best meet your needs. There are different types, and you must get a preview to make the best choice.

Different Types of Cargo Insurance

(1) Truck Shipping Insurance

If you have your shipment transported by truck, it is certainly advisable to obtain freight coverage. Different companies may have different rules and regulations, but most of them have the same inclusions and exclusions. Sometimes the owner of the freight must be compensated, but the companies also insure (forsikringsselskap norge) the truckers.

It does helps protect them from liability for damaged or lost shipping. These policies protect against theft when the truck is unattended or if there is damage in accidents and other hazards. The plans come in different prices and the shipping method that transport will determine the price structure of the plan.

(2) Travel policies

Sometimes it is essential to obtain an insurance policy (Boligforsikring) with more specific conditions than an open shipping policy pays. The cover is there to protect your shipment during a trip from a specific origin to a specific destination. The duration of the journey is not usually indicated to justify unforeseen delays. Once the trip is completed, the policy expires, and a new policy for subsequent trips must be written.

(3) Shipping Policy

International shipments are often shipped by sea and sometimes by air. These types of shipments are insured by shipping compensation, which protects them from damage caused by loading/unloading of the ship’s weather conditions, piracy, and other problems.